Dcoded offers a wide range of competencies, from hardware, networks and operating systems to software design and implementation using various languages, platforms and libraries.

Here is a list of things Dcoded has done over the years:

  • Embedded systems
    • Firewall appliances (x86, OpenBSD, Python, WebUI)
    • Demonstration medical multi-parameter monitor (ARM, Linux, C++, Qt, ZeroMQ, Buildroot)
  • Desktop applications
    • PCB manufacturing application for fast prototyping appliance (Windows, C++, Yacc & Lex parsers, OpenGL, Geometric reasoning)
    • Laser control application (Windows, MFC, C++, hardware interfacing)
    • Victim management application for field hospitals (Windows, MySQL, C#, touchscreen UI, hardware interfacing)
    • DNA, RNA assay analysis software (Windows, C#, Image analysis)
    • Medical data viewers (Windows, C#, Data parsers, Plotting, Hardware interfacing)
    • Medical R&D demonstrators and proof of concept applications (Multi platform, C++, Qt, Hardware interfacing, Signal processing, Image analysis, OpenCV, Complex algorithms)
    • Data capture and playback systems (Multi platform, C++, Qt, Hardware interfacing, Video processing, Multithreading, Codecs, File format design)
  • Miscellaneous
    • Clinical database consolidation (SQL, SQLite, C++, C#, Matlab)
    • Data visualisation (Web, D3JS)
    • Compute cluster administration and use (vSphere, Windows, MPI, C#, Matlab)
    • Medical algorithm development (Signal processing, Matlab, Octave, C++, OpenCV)
    • iOS demonstrators on iPhone and iPad (iOS, MacOS, Xcode, Obj-C)
    • Interfacing software with a multitude of hardware such as Barcode scanners, Measuring devices, Scientific cameras, Depth sensors and Medical devices.