Welcome to Dcoded Limited, provider of business to business IT services since 2004. Based in Edinburgh and operated by myself,  Dcoded has many strings to its bow, but specialises in writing bespoke software for businesses of all sizes.

Dr Dominique Jacquel, Director.


Dcoded offers a wide range of competencies, from hardware, networks and operating systems to software design and implementation using various languages, platforms and libraries.

Here is a list of things Dcoded has done over the years:

  • Embedded systems
    • Firewall appliances (x86, OpenBSD, Python, WebUI)
    • Demonstration medical multi-parameter monitor (ARM, Linux, C++, Qt, ZeroMQ, Buildroot)
  • Desktop applications
    • PCB manufacturing application for fast prototyping appliance (Windows, C++, Yacc & Lex parsers, OpenGL, Geometric reasoning)
    • Laser control application (Windows, MFC, C++, hardware interfacing)
    • Victim management application for field hospitals (Windows, MySQL, C#, touchscreen UI, hardware interfacing)
    • DNA, RNA assay analysis software (Windows, C#, Image analysis)
    • Medical data viewers (Windows, C#, Data parsers, Plotting, Hardware interfacing)
    • Medical R&D demonstrators and proof of concept applications (Multi platform, C++, Qt, Hardware interfacing, Signal processing, Image analysis, OpenCV, Complex algorithms)
    • Data capture and playback systems (Multi platform, C++, Qt, Hardware interfacing, Video processing, Multithreading, Codecs, File format design)
  • Miscellaneous
    • Clinical database consolidation (SQL, SQLite, C++, C#, Matlab)
    • Data visualisation (Web, D3JS)
    • Compute cluster administration and use (vSphere, Windows, MPI, C#, Matlab)
    • Medical algorithm development (Signal processing, Matlab, Octave, C++, OpenCV)
    • iOS demonstrators on iPhone and iPad (iOS, MacOS, Xcode, Obj-C)
    • Interfacing software with a multitude of hardware such as Barcode scanners, Measuring devices, Scientific cameras, Depth sensors and Medical devices.